Hot mopping with pride since 2005.

Masterkraft is committed to providing our customers with a quality 100% custom hand made shower pan to protect your home from costly water damage.This method was created over half a century ago and since has been slightly refined to accommodate contemporary designs. All jobs will be completed neatly and efficiently by a professional installer with years of experience and thousands of hours out in the field.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed. All of our hot mopped shower pans are installed to code with a pre-slope of 1/4 inch per foot from the drain, and 3 layers of roofing felt with 4 applications of hot tar to bond, seal, and protect your home from water damage and mold. In order to ensure maximum strength and integrity of all our shower pans we install fiberglass mesh on all vital corners and seams to prevent cracking from vibration or structure shifting.

     Single layer Vinyl, PVC, and other such forms of inadequate waterproofing are methods that were created in the past couple decades to try and compete with the old fashioned tar and paper method, but still seems to come up short when longevity and preservation of your structure is what your looking for. Boiling hot tar burns itself into the pores of what it's being applied to, ensuring that a water barrier is being formed on the outermost surface. Remember 4 layers of boiling tar and 3 layers of roofing felt is far more superior than a single layer of ANYTHING! It also conforms to any shape or size ensuring even the most intricate designs are properly sealed.

     Hundreds of gallons of water each week soak your walls, flood your shower floor and hopefully flow down the drain. Now what you don't see is the large percent of that same water penetrating through the pores of the tile & grout collecting on your sub floor. If that water is not properly contained it can cause serious property and health damage. Migrating moisture creates many health risks associated with mold spores, mildew and water rot. Not to mention the possibility of structure and foundation collapse. These are problems that only get worse over time so when you see signs of water damage forming anywhere you need to contact a professional to find and solve the problem the first time.

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